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I am the very modle of a modern major General!

This is for Steph
ozzy and rat
Here is your evil bitch cat! Don't mind the crap picture. . .

bored. . .

hehehehehe, friggin' five year old, yeah kicked their asses!

This quarter is going to be crappy, all I have is average joe classes, no studio art ones. That makes me very sad. . . :(

Toilet paper and paper towels!!
Wow Wee
I am kinda pissed. . .one of mine roomates, the one I don't like to mention. . not Taylor. . .she is a conniving little bitch. . .The other day when Taylor and I went groceery shopping we had to get toilet paper, and I bought it cause I don't mind I know how to share. Well I was just thinking recently on how my other roommate basically doesn't share anything, i don't really mind but some of it is kinda weird. Like in the kitchen she has her own drawer that has her own silverware, cutting stuff, cutting board, measureingcups, and any other utensil you can think of. On top of that she has two of the biggest cupboards to put all of HER dishes in. It's a bit ridiculous, some things I can understand like food, I would never except her to share her food , but all the stuff that is HERS and hers only is just really weird. It's like she doesn't know how to live with other people. And I know that I am not alone on all these facts cause Taylor and I have no problems at all living together. But anyway on with the initial story, I have bought the toilet paper the last two times, and Taylor and I have both bought paper towels numerous times. Well when I bought the TP the other night I was thinking that maybe we should like make the other roomie buy her own since she doesn't help on anything else, but i just shrugged it off like I always do. Well the last couple of nights the other roomie I have noticed how she always seems to have paper towels. I'm sorry but WHAT THE FUCK! Seriously, that really pissing me off, the only way that would not piss me off is IF she BOUGHT her OWN toilet paper!!!! I mean really how can someone be that selfish with her stuff. ..I do not mind sharing at all, I have done it my whole life. She acts like a fucking only child, when I know she ahs a sister. Well I know she acts like her parents. I have only seen them once and that was the most awkward minute of my life. They come here in early September and first of all she didn't even introduce them to taylor and I, they just went into her room and shut the door and were there. I was just plain weirded out!! I guess I am just used to my loud FUN family.

I guess right now I am just exploding from all the built up shit she pulls. Oh the other night I got bitched out for talking to loud on the phone, she just needs to fuck off. . . She fucking talked to me like she was my mom, yeah I was loud but who cares. I could be doing far worse in our living room. Besides it was only one night, I am loud like one night a month and she acts like it is the end of the world. Next time I am just going to tell her to fuck off and take teh room at the end of the hall if she like silence so FUCKING much!!

And tonight she took the dining table into her room, wow wee. What the hell its like Taylor and I lost the privilage of a table, i seriously don't get her. ..I am fion to be as rude as possible to try and drive her out of here, so like Whitney can move in!

Well there is my rant for the night! There is so much more I would love to bitch about her, but I guess I will just leave that be. . .

blah blah blah ben's a prick blah blah blah.. . .
My new wicked icon. . .Well Steph made it for me. . .don't really know what to say about it. . .I drew a comic like from Knocked up, but I used this said character and our very own squad Awesome. . .nuff said. . .

Pissy. . .
ozzy and rat
This weekend has really sucked! Like everyone I know is really cranky for some reason and it has really rubbed off on me. Whitney is so freakin' depressed and cranky, she just needs to like forget her problems and not worry so frucking much. . .it is like being with Debbie Downer. . .

Last night, well all of yesterday, I spent with her--that really did not help the problem of me being a little annoyed. I was going to spend the night last night, but like she was really in this god awful pissy mood. .One point Taylor and I were farting around, Taylor was acting pretty pissy too, and pulled her off the couch and taylor hit the glass of water on the floor. Whitney acted like it was the end of the world, she got really silent and mad, over a spilt glass of WATER!!!! She makes it sound like a big deal, and goes into her bedroom to get a towl to clean up said WATER mess on the floor. Lets just say that it was really awkward for the rest of the night. I ended up walking home at like 1am cause I really did not want to spend the night and just feel really awkward around her, not only in the night but in the morning, plus I didn't want to have to ask here for a ride in the morning, so I just left and walked in the night. I was going to talk Taylor with me, but she was bitchin' out on us the whole night and slept on the couch the whole time we were there. I think that Whitney wanted me to wake her up, I tried, but not that hard cause she was kinda cranky too. i think that i really just need some alone time, I was really getting cranky from being around those two for some reason. It wasn't that bad till night when they both seemed to get really cranky, wow wee I hate drama.

Funny things popped into my school email address in the last like month. . .I may have used my school email to register for Sakura con last year--don't really remember--but now I am getting loads of emails for this years Sakura-con. . .That is just really funny to me. . .

Wwow wee I am so bored right now, Taylor is playing guitar hero, everyone wants to be a friggin' rockstar! And I am just trying to load this website, but alas it is being a bitch, like many other things. . .Oh well I will check on it later, maybe that site is under construction or something. . .

I watched probably one of the dumbest movies last night, Shoot em' Up. Wow wee I cannot put into words how ridiculously stupid that movies was. I know that it is an action movie, but really movies have go too far, there is no longer any substance in many movies. .they are in some, but most of the time, nada!

well I am going to go and check my mail, its snowing so I have been putting it off. . .Maybe we'll get snowed in!!! :)

I really don't know. . .
Lately I have been really thinking. . .maybe I should be in an actual art school. . . For instance, I am in a drawing 3 class, that is also mixed with drawing 4 students. We did this project in the last two weeks. I was kind of interesting but I really suck at making statements and being really creative with finding out what to make the statement about. For one I really don't like to touch on politics that much, way to over done, especially in the "art world". But the project was all about the word resistance, be it sociopolitical, biological, or nature/physical. I was really at a loose on what to do, because we were supposed to challenge ourselves either with the materials we use or our physical process of actually doing the the piece. I ended up doing more of the physical challenge. My thing, concept, was hella weak and so overdone, but I really knew that I and I was not saying that I was original. But anyway I did this thing on ones mental resistance to the fake society, because I hate things like the tabloids and television, its all so freaking fake. The only tv I watch anymore is [adultswim] its my escape, hahaha, but yeah anyway that was my focus. I did the picture of a man in the atlas pose holding up a sphere, it was going to originally be a cube with different surfaces but that was not working out because of my small work space. Anyway, the man was really muscular and realistic looking while the collage in the sphere was full of things that looked more cartoonie and fake to drive the crappy point further. It was really cool looking because all I used was ink. and in the initial drawing, the sketch, I drew it while laying down on my back to hold the drawing board up while drawing the MOST painful drawing I have ever done. But yeah it came really cool looking, I was just nervous because I really was lazy with the concept. Okay now to the intial part of this long story, when we got to my piece for the critique, like everybody in this DRAWING 3 AND 4 class were so surprised that I did the whole thing free hand like it was an impossible task to come up with everything. The only thing that I did reference, but did not trace, was the Uncle Sam that was in the sphere, while drawing him I really realized just how CREEPY Uncle Sam actually is. . .really creepy. . .But yeah I just cannot believe taht people in this class were amazed by my drawing skills, I could understand if it was a drawing like 1 class, but no. . .It did really boost my ego also. . . :)

On other art news, in my handbuilding class, for ceramics, we have had basically three weeks to work on this project that was due yesterday. Me and like a couple other students were completely done with what we could have done before the first fire. Only one of my pieces was not done because I wanted to glaze it with majolica, so everything that was due for yesterday I was so on top of!!!! But over half the class only had AT LEAST one of their pieces almost done. and a lot of the people were not even finished with their first part. . .That is really sad, this is supposed to be an advanced class and like no one was on top of their work, plus we had 3 WEEKS, the teacher was a little disappointed. . .I would be too. . .

Well yeah not just those two stories have got me really thinking if I belong in an art school, but sometimes I feel as if I am wasting something here. And I know that I can always transfer, trust me I have considered, but I am pretty attached here and I guess I am almost done. Plus I have some really good friends here, couldn't leave Taylor and Whitney. . .when ever I think about all this it's like the same conversation to myself all the time. . .I will stay but I do not know what will happen next considering I really don't want to be an art teacher anymore. . .I am doing studio art now!

Who knows. . . NOT ME!!!!

I guess there is nothing more to say. . .I could talk about getting wasted with my sisters and Taylor on Saturday, but I won't, some things that were shared were a little embarassing. . .HAHAHAHAH me a geek. .

Weekend. . .
dethklok groupie
I got a drunk call from Steph tonight. . it was pretty funny, and that basically made my night. Other then that this weekend has been pretty boring. Whitney came over today to watch the Seachickens suck ass (I don't hate football or anything). Her Taylor and I drank a little, but not much but it was still fun. I was up so early this moring and I don't know why. Taylor's parents were going to be there at like 9, but I think they got like a late start or something. They brought their puppy, it was so freakin' cute! I love little baby animals, just when they grow up they become more of a nuisance, like my dob. She may be a nuisance but I still really love her!
I have so much work to do tomorrow, well actually today, because I put it all of till the last minute just like always. I'll have to got to the art building to work on my ceramics, but I for some reason really hate going there. I like to do my work in my own space, and I hate having to go down there and be kinda uncomfortable. But oh well, I'll deal.

God, I am so freakin' sore. I ran a straight three mile fun on a tread mill and I fell like I need hip surgery. I really don't want to go soccer practice tomorrow because of it, but I will cause I'm to damn committed. I also have a workout MOnday, which is my extremely busy day of the week-along with Wednesday. I have class at 9, which is not early but it is the perfect time to start the day. Then I go in class til 4 pm, they are two studio art classes so they are naturally really really ridiculously long. And to top that off, I also have class from 6 to 7:30, the my soccer aerobic workout at like 7:30 ish. . .these two days may really suck, but I also have no class on Tuesday or Friday and only one class on Thurday at 6. . .so really it all evens out to a pretty good week with only two crazy busy days. . .

I really should go to bed, but I really can't. . .Maybe I'll go and try .. .

Wow wee, twice in less than a day!
In 2008, kimchi_the_blue resolves to...
Admit my true feelings to aimee_evilpixie.
Go to the comics every month.
Connect with my inner mucha.
Tell my family about chevron cars.
Go acting three times a week.
Backup my macintosh regularly.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, kimchi_the_blue sent to me...
Twelve pirates reading
Eleven purses tapdancing
Ten cats a-cheerleading
Nine animals acting
Eight shoes a-landscaping
Seven cartoons a-swimming
Six musicals a-dancing
Five che-e-e-evron cars
Four wild cats
Three mel brooks
Two sixteen candels
...and an ipod in a comedy.
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The holiday one is really belated but I just thought the pirate part was funny.

My very belated New Years Resolution is to start updating on a more regular basis. . .. SO I guess here I go. ..
Winter quarter started, and it should be very interesting. . . I have to pretty difficult art classes, well I guess not so difficult, but I may actually have to try harder. . . "thaaat's what she said". . .hehe

There is so much snow and ice here. . . and it is freakin' cold, but thats okay. Tayler, one of my roommates, dad might come over this weekend to bring her puppy to play in the snow, and I am very excited, I love animals especially babies!! Then nxt weekend, not this weekend, I think that I am going home for Jackie's belated graduation party, so that should be fun, I get to see my dog and Nanook, the hairless wonder! Oh yeah and I get to see my family, haha. . .i kid i kid, family comes first. . ..

I really have nothing to say but pointless bullshit. . .so I guess I will be updating soon, hopefully.

harry potter
I just finished the final Harry Potter! I was so good and sad all at the same time. I bawled for what seemed to be no reason at times, but its all over and it was such a good run! The book was long but I got through it in two days of almost none stop reading, except for Jackie's constant interruptions on Saturday, that jerk trying to pry me from my precious. . .and now I am really sad but also really happy, because the book was so good. I never at any point in the book started to fall asleep. . .in fact I had to force my self to go to sleep for the last two nights, well Friday night wasn't that hard considering I got the book at mid night and was a little tired. I am going to be thinking about this book none stop for like the next couple of weeks or even months. . .I think I shall re-read it, but possibly slower so I can take in some of the smaller details a little better. But damn!!! I cannot believe that it is over, it's been nearly ten years since the first book came out, this is just so amazing! There are so many words taht I just cannot say right now, so effing exciting!

I will truly miss the anticipation of waiting for the next book to come out, but I am happy that it has reached an end, but still its so sad ahhhhhh!!!

Page 625, one of the best pages in the book!!! Waited for that moment since the begining, well I didn't want to see it when they were like 11, 12, or 13. . .but still. . .

R.I.P- James, Lily, Sirius, Dumbledore, Remus, Tonks, Fred, Serverus, Madeye, Hedwig, and other good wizards. . .